Individual therapy is all about enabling the person to think more clearly and in turn to speak and act more constructively.


Relationships should provide both partners with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, but can often end up in fighting and hurt feelings.


Navigating parents and children through everyday challenges, we help nurture change and foster positive emotional development.


Group therapy is recognized as an effective way to help individuals grow personally. We offer a number of groups to meet your needs.


At Encompass Counseling Center LLC, we take the whole person into account. We believe an individual is more than just his or her logic or emotions, intellect or feelings, or the physical or spiritual aspects of one’s being. People are a combination of all these elements, each of which requires special care and nurturing. We pay close attention to every part of the person, understanding that all things work together for health and healing, resulting in deeper, more rewarding personal and relational growth.

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Encompass Counseling Center LLC is a private psychotherapy practice serving the Naperville and Bloomingdale areas. We combine our educational training and professional expertise with our 5 Core Model of counseling to give individuals, couples, and families a “whole” health experience.

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