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Encompass Counseling

5 Core Counseling

At Encompass Counseling Center, we believe there are 5 components of a person—areas that if left underdeveloped can impede personal and relational growth. But if developed, these 5 aspects of one’s being can bring a tremendous sense of healing and peace. That’s why we created the 5 Core Counseling model.


5 Cores

Click a color to learn about the each of the 5 cores.

  • Emotional Health
  • Care for Others
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Intellectual Acumen
  • Physical Well-Being
5 Cores
Mind Others Spirit Emotions Body


Your thoughts—whether positive or negative—have a profound effect on what you do.

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Do you think of others more than yourself, or do you mostly put yourself first? Are your relationships good, or do they suffer from a lack of connection or satisfaction?


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Turn to your spiritual beliefs instead for the peace and comfort you need to fight off the tidal wave of emotions that can highjack our brains.


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All too often common sense deserts us when we need it the most to deal with life’s challenges.


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In addition to the other core elements of your being, the body is a key component of who you are.


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We emphasize the 5 parts of the person because it is how we are made by God, who desires to strengthen us at our CORE. What is at the core? Body, mind, spirit, emotions, and others are at our essence. In order to become more fully human, we need to hone our emotional and psychological growth, spiritual curiosity, intellectual acumen, and physical well-being. In doing so, we can also improve our relationships, helping them become all we want them to be.

Experience interactions with others in a more holistic way. Find greater satisfaction with yourself. It’s possible through a focus on the CORE.