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Do you think of others more than yourself, or do you mostly put yourself first? Are your relationships good, or do they suffer from a lack of connection or satisfaction? Perhaps they could be a whole lot better if you did more to make them better. Maybe this is what you want, but you don’t know how to get there.

We do, and it starts by learning to do things with the other person in mind . . . not keeping a record of who owes what to whom . . . and not worrying if you’ll getting taken advantage of. Kindness begets kindness with true friends and family members. Even if it doesn’t, your kindness speaks volumes about who you are as a person, and the right people will take notice and be drawn to you. As they do, you can help improve their lives, even as you allow them to improve yours.

It’s all about iron sharpening iron, about working together with others to make your relationships better. That’s why we at Encompass Counseling Center place a strong emphasis on OTHERS. It is an integral part of our 5 CORE model of counseling which seeks to mend brokenness in relationships and restore the joy of healthy interactions with those who matter.

Some individuals would rather isolate than subject themselves to the pain that certain people cause them. They’ve been hurt too many times, and would rather be left alone.

And yet, we are not meant to be alone. Quite the contrary. We are designed to live in community–and are most fulfilled when we interact with others. This is why friends and family are so important to us. Without them, it’s as if there’s a hole in our soul.

To mend their brokenness and restore the joy of healthy interactions, lean on us for guidance and support. One of relationship experts will lead you through the restoration process.

Relationships should provide a sense of happiness and fulfillment. If they don’t, let’s work together to see if we can make them more than fighting and hurt feelings. That’s not good for anyone, especially you.


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