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Blending the promises inherent in your concept of spirituality with a clinical approach such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), it is possible to transform the way you think, act, and feel. From a practical standpoint, this means that when you change your perspective about an event, issue, or person, your attitude changes as well, and you can deal more realistically with what or whom is bothering you.

It’s no time for catastrophizing—leaping to conclusions completely unwarranted by the facts but what your mind so desperately wants to believe. Mind reading is out of the question, as well, for as much as you are convinced what someone is thinking about you, you cannot know that—and younever will, for no one can read a mind.

So why try?

Shoulds are out of the question, too. Being consumed by all the things that should have happened but didn’t causes regrets, which leads you to beat yourself up mentally for not doing what you thought you should have done at the time. If you were better equipped to handle the circumstances at the time, you would have done so. But you didn’t know how to, so let it go, or you will find your anxiety spiking to new highs and depressive feelings to new lows.

Turn to your spiritual beliefs instead for the peace and comfort you need to fight off the tidal wave of negative emotions that can highjack your brain—causing you to catastrophize or mind read or should yourself to death. If you believe in God, let him help you. He loves you unconditionally, and always will. That’s a truth you can bank on, one that never fails.

Using faith along with the amazingly powerful reasoning abilities of the human brain, you don’t have to fear anything. But you do have to do the hard work of reframing your take on the situation—so you can renew your perspective on what is really happening, not what worry or fear is trying to get to believe.

People can be mean, and life isn’t easy. We’re not denying that. Despite this, however, you can rise above the fray and view things from a position of strength instead of weakness. It’s all in how you look at yourself, whether positive or negative.

If it’s sound impossible to be positive because you’ve never challenged your negative thoughts, think again. Encompass Counseling will show you how to do so—so you can lead your best life.


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