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In addition to the other core elements, the physical aspect of your being is a key component of who you are. And if you let yourself go physically, you can’t expect to be at your best in mind, emotions, or spirit.

While we aren’t advocating that you run a marathon or swim the English Channel, we understand how good you can feel by being active—no matter how much or how little. There is power in the doing of something physical, depending on your health and ability, of course. If you challenge yourself in some big or small way, you’re almost guaranteed to experience more peace of mind and also be more focused on your tasks, yourself, and others.

A 60-minute workout or 3-mile run, for example, doesn’t erase all that’s weighing on your mind. Pumping iron at the gym, or logging distance on the treadmill, track, or streets in your neighborhood doesn’t automatically make a fractured relationship with a loved one magically better. Nor will it write that 30-page business proposal that your boss keeps asking you about. Nor does it eradicate your money problems, or improve the way you communicate with your children. But it does get the endorphins going, heightening your level of concentration so you can start to address concerns staring you in the face.

Of course you can let worry consume you, and do nothing. No amount of physical activity can combat that.

But it is definitely worth a try to do something for yourself physically to balance the triad of body, mind, and spirit that brings out the best in a person. Physical activity might not be your strong suit, but maybe it’s the thing to start working on—even just a little—so you can be more balanced in your emotions and logic—more settled in your mind and spirit—helping you get a better handle on the stressors that can threaten to derail career, family, friendships, or other areas of your life.

Talk to us about it. Let’s see what we can do together to enhance your sense of steadfastness, stability, and poise.


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