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Encompass Counseling

May 2022

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“My life was ruled by panic attacks. Here’s my seven-point guide to tackling anxiety.”

Tim Clare, shown above, spent a year researching panic attacks, a condition that left him continually, grindingly anxious. He tried every treatment he could think of—chronicling his journey in the book, Coward: Why We Get Anxious and What We Can Do About It. A portion of his story is below. Pinned to the living room floor, screaming, Tim […]

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Frequent Marijuana Smoking Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack, Study Suggests

Note from Michael Angelo, owner, Encompass Counseling Center: The following article written by Aria Bendix, the breaking health reported for NBC News Digital, dispels the public perception that marijuana is completely safe and even healthy for you. However, in reality, a high dose of THC—the main component of marijuana—causes vascular inflammation, leading to heart problems […]

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