Encompass Counseling

I embrace an eclectic empathetic approach to help guide and encourage others to reach their true potential,” Peter said. “My goal as a therapist to help clients become aware of their maladaptive thoughts—working collaboratively to help them develop healthier coping skills for real-life situations.



A dedicated ADDICTIONS COUNSELOR, Peter has extensive experience treating those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, sexual addiction, pornography and others dependencies. He has more than 25 years or experience in the field. His knowledge of the 12 Step programs of ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUSSMART RECOVERY, Narcotics Anonymous, and other proven strategies to resolve addictive problems.

Because addiction can be dually diagnosed with other disorders, Peter also helps individuals who suffer from MOOD disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar) or THOUGHTdisorders (schizophrenia), or both. He has had the most success when using CBT and DBT methods of treating people burdened with these debilitating diseases. Peter believes, as in any relationship, for emotional growth to occur, the environment must be one that fosters compassion, honesty, open communication, trust, and mutual respect.