Encompass Counseling

Whatever someone is struggling with, it is imperative for me to find the right solution for them so that they can move past their fears, as they tap into what they value most as their impetus for change. When they do that, the therapeutic effect is a positive spiral where feeling better leads to a better understanding of the things that they were previously blind to.



In counseling, Michael teaches MINDFULNESS SKILLS to help ADOLESCENTS and ADULTS live and behave in ways consistent with their PERSONAL VALUES while also developing PSYCHOLOGICAL FLEXIBILITY. This approach is an integral part of ACCEPTANCE and COMMITMENT THERAPY (ACT)—a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—which invites the person to open up to unpleasant feelings, and learn not to overreact to them—not avoiding situations when the feelings surface.

ACT is particularly effective in treating ANXIETY, GRIEF AND LOSS, DEPRESSION, and ANGER issues—areas where unpleasant feelings abound. But Michael also has expertise with substance abuse, multicultural conflicts, personality disorders, and other specialties that require the problem-solving skills that Michael possesses.

Currently, Michael is pursuing a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis on neuropsychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago.