Encompass Counseling

My master’s degree in Human Services with a major in mental health counseling from Florida Institute of Technology prepared me extremely well to handle any challenges that I might face in therapy. And my experience in behavior analysis and neurofeedback provides even more options for those seeking relief from their suffering.



Letha loves to work with CHILDREN, FAMILIES, INDIVIDUALS, and COUPLES,empowering them reach their mental health goals. She has expertise with teens struggling with anxiety and depressive disorders. But her skills aren’t limited to young adults. She also has great success with both men and women experiencing the ups and downs of life.

Her background in BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS helps her immensely with clients who have OCD, ODD, and general anxiety disorders. She’s the perfect match for them and others, regardless of what they’re issue is, or what they’re burdened with. She employs the following strategies to make any client’s life better:

CBT THERAPY incorporating various cognitive techniques such as cognitive reframing, cognitive rehearsal, covert-desensitize station, journaling, self talk, bibliotherapy, covert extinction.

BEHAVIORAL TECHNIQUES: assertiveness training, behavioral extinction, clinical modeling, contingency management, contracting, fading, shaping, graduated exposure therapy, implosion, and in vivo desensitization.

OTHER STRATEGIES: Family mapping; Family sculpting; Family tracking; and motivational interviewing.