Group Therapy

Group therapy has long been recognized as an effective way to help individuals grow personally. Groups provide an instant small-community atmosphere where people can be cared for and work out practical strategies for themselves. Groups are private and safe while at the same time can help participants overcome the specific challenges that they face.

Therapy groups can augment individual treatment plans, and sometimes replace one-on-one sessions completely. Group therapy provides a powerful setting for real-life interaction with others. In this environment, group members can discuss their problems honestly and give each other feedback and positive reinforcement.

In a group, members can learn to identify, understand, and express their feelings accurately to others. Led by a trained and licensed therapist at Encompass Counseling Center, group members are encouraged to share their thoughts openly, but at their comfort level. Group therapy can provide a sense of inclusiveness that greatly enhances the psychological healing process.

One of our most popular groups is FRESH START RECOVERY, which helps individuals move past their addiction and on with their life. The group is ideal for those tired of experiencing setbacks in their progress, and being stuck. In the setting of a caring community, members come together to support each other through encouragement, insight, and “tough love.”

LIVING AND LOVING TOGETHER, another dynamic choice, tackles the challenges that relationships bring. And while struggles do exist, couples can learn to live and love again–getting back what they first had when they met–as they provide each other with a renewed sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Please consult your Encompass therapist to find out if group therapy is right for you.