Letha loves to work with children, families, or couples to help them reach their mental health goals. She has a few specialties she focused on. She has worked extensively with teens struggling with anxiety and depressive disorders. Through her years of working for a community mental health agency in Florida, she honed her skills with this population through individual therapy as well as running and developing small groups exclusively for teens with self-injurious behaviors stemming from anxiety and depressive disorder. In addition, she also has a specialty working with individuals with and without disabilities with behavior problems that required behavior modification programs.

Letha has worked with some of the finest agencies in Illinois writing and implementing behavior programs, training staff and parents for not only maladaptive behaviors but more developmental programs targeted for increase. Her background in behavior analysis helps her immensely with clients struggling with OCD, ODD, and general anxiety disorder.

Letha firmly believes that successful mental health healing comes from working with the entire family. While she loves to work with children on the spectrum or not, she also recognizes that the parents of these children need support in dealing with the parenting challenges and offers parent training


Her approaches with parents include

  • CBT therapy incorporating various cognitive techniques such as cognitive reframing, cognitive rehearsal, covert-desensitize station, journaling, self talk, bibliotherapy, covert extinction.
  • Behavioral techniques: assertiveness training, behavioral extinction, clinical modeling, contingency management, contracting, fading, shaping, graduated exposure therapy, implosion, and in vivo desensitization.
  • Other Techniques: Family mapping Family sculpting Family tracking motivational interviewing..


Behavior Modification Techniques: positive and negative reinforcement, extinction, behavior momentum, shaping, fading in fading out, pre-Mac principle, differential reinforcement, token economy.

“My master’s degree in Human Services with a major in mental health counseling from Florida Institute of Technology prepared me extremely well to handle any challenges that I might face in therapy. And my experience in behavior analysis and neurofeedback provides even more options for those seeking relief from their suffering.”

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