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Does Trying to Relax Make You More Stressed? Maybe You Need a Good Laugh?

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Note: The following article is by Lauren Geall, digital writer for Stylistmagazine. She writes on such topics as mental health, wellbeing, and women’s issues. If you find “calming” techniques like mindfulness and meditation make you more stressed, it could be time to change your approach to relieving anxiety, said Lauren Geall, digital writer for Stylist magazine. By definition, trying to relax shouldn’t be hard. After all, it’s […]

Frequent Marijuana Smoking Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack, Study Suggests

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Note from Michael Angelo, owner, Encompass Counseling Center: The following article written by Aria Bendix, the breaking health reported for NBC News Digital, dispels the public perception that marijuana is completely safe and even healthy for you. However, in reality, a high dose of THC—the main component of marijuana—causes vascular inflammation, leading to heart problems […]

The Forgotten Childhood: Why Early Childhood Memories Fade

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NOTE: The following article by Jon Hamilton, correspondent, Science Desk, National Public Radio, explains why we lose our earliest memories—unique to us alone—as we age. Highlights include: —Scientists have known about childhood amnesia for more than a century. But it’s only in the past decade that they have begun to figure out when childhood memories […]

A Vivid Portrait of Her Sister’s Schizophrenia

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Kyleigh Leddy, a therapist-in-training, 25, paints a vivid portrait of her sister’s schizophrenia in The Perfect Other. Leddy’s compassionate but terrifying book is a love letter to Kait, the older sister she once adored—but quickly grew to fear after a traumatic brain injury brought on violent rages. Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, writer for, shares Kyleigh Leddy’s story in the […]

How to Find and Keep Friends: A Guide for Middle Age

group of middle aged friends celebrating in bar together

Karla Olson, a 51-year-old mother of three in Park City, Utah, is working on creating what she’s calling the Empty Nester Club. She plans to develop an online community on the video-communication app Marco Polo, and hopes local branches will form around the country for in-person meetups. For Olson, it’s all about creating a community […]

Aging Brings Us Closer to Death. Why Do We Get Happier as We Age?

happy elderly woman and her husband drinking wine and happiness

Editor’s note: The following article is by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, an expert in artificial intelligence for drug discovery and aging research. He is also the author of The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biotechnology Will Impact the Global Economy. The premise of the following essay is that feelings of intense grief, intense joy, or the […]

Therapeutic Ways to Change Negative Thinking

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Along With 12 Tools for Addressing Crisis Situations We all have thoughts that invade our brains from time to time and mess with our moods. We all get down. Whether it’s your job, social life, family, or something completely different, sometimes the negativity can be too much. It can snowball. That’s the part where it […]

What to Do When Your Spouse Is Depressed

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How do you know if your spouse is depressed, and what can you do to help them? There are some healthy ways to encourage your partner to seek therapy, open up about their emotions, and address their symptoms, said Susan Bernstein, executive coach and leadership consultant with her own firm in San Diego, CA. Signs […]

Eleven Practices That Make Adult ADHD Worse

Adult ADHD

Source: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is not limited to children—30% to 70% of children with ADHD continue to have symptoms when they grow up. In addition, people who were never diagnosed with ADHD as children may develop more obvious ADHD symptoms in adulthood, causing trouble on the job or in relationships. Many […]

How to Deal with Election Anxiety—Without Freaking Out

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Note: At the end of the blog article, “Worried About the Election? You’re Not Alone,”—posted on October 5, 2020—I mentioned that I would provide tips on how to manage election anxiety. I offer these tips to you now in “How to Deal with Election Anxiety.” —Michael Angelo, LCPC When it comes to worries about the […]

Worried About the Election? You’re Not Alone

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Are you experiencing constant anxiety about the upcoming election? Do you feel helpless to hasten its approach? Does fear grip you because you can’t control the outcome? Join the club.   Situations like these are tremendous stressors that eat away at our psychological resources over time, affecting many people, and especially those suffering from an anxiety […]

Bullies Are Everywhere These Days—Here’s How to Respond to Them

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Elizabeth Bernstein, a writer for the Wall Street Journal and author of this article about bullying, had something to say recently to the guy who pulled up behind her VW Beetle in a jacked-up pickup truck, honked furiously while she waited for a pause in oncoming traffic to make a left turn, then followed her […]

Peter Ellew, LCPC, Now SMART Recovery Group Certified

Encompass Counseling Center is excited to share that Peter Ellew, LCPC, has completed SMART Recovery training to become a certified facilitator of SMART Recovery groups. This specialized training adds to Peter’s already extensive skill set in addiction treatments. Peter’s passion is to help patients with addictions manage and navigate the difficult road to recovery. The […]

Gardening Becomes Healing with Horticultural Therapy

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Note: This article, from Amy Chillag, was published on Chillag is producer of special projects for CNN. It’s a warm, sunny morning in Tony Wright’s lush backyard in Roswell, Georgia. The retired human-resources manager sits on a folding chair and gazes around in contemplation, surrounded by shade trees and chirping birds. He sips coffee […]

Letting Teens Sit with Silence. Or Not.

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The question is one that plagues parents and therapists alike: What to do with kids who won’t talk—who can barely handle talking at all—who also hate all the questions they’re asked, in an attempt to get them to talk? Should you keep badgering them until they say something? Or, do you leave them alone to […]

Stress in the Time of Pandemic

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If you’re feeling stressed these days, join the party. The reasons behind that stressed-out feeling differ for each person.  Some talk about it, others don’t. But there’s one thing people have in common: When you’re stressed, you’ll feel it in your body.  That’s because your mental and physical response to stress go hand in hand, […]

The 5 Core Approach to Covid-19

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The coronavirus is adding to your stress level, right? That’s understandable. What can you do to keep it in check? Here are some strategies that tie closely with our overall philosophy at Encompass Counseling Center about taking care of your whole self. Our focus is on the five attributes that comprise your entire being. This […]

Encompass Counseling

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closing of our Bloomingdale and Naperville locations. At this time, we will not be accepting any new clients at those locations.

HOWEVER, Michael Angelo, owner of Encompass Counseling Center LLC, will continue to see clients at a new location in Naperville: 1717 N. Naper Blvd. He is accepting new clients with Aetna, BCBS PPO and United Health Care.

All of our current therapists have established their own practices at different locations. They are in the process of or have already been credentialed with various insurance companies. You may contact them directly to determine if they can accept your insurance and if they are accepting new clients.




Gabriel Cardenas, LMFT

(331) 251-1102

Amanda (Morrissey) Herrera, LCPC

(630) 414-3465

Heidi Gibbons, LCPC


Letha Howell, LCPC


Michael Walters, LCPC


Becca Van Loan, LCPC


Please note the following: DULY HMO and Northwestern Medicine (NMPN) HMO have made the decision to not recredential Gabriel Cardenas, Amanda Morrissey-Herrera, Heidi Gibbons, Letha Howell, Michael Walters, or Becca Van Loan—all of whom have practices independent of Encompass Counseling Center LLC. So, if you have those HMOs, I recommend you call DULY’s or NMPN’s customer service department to find someone in their network.